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green beauty

Scientific knowledge of nature applied to health therapies and aesthetics.

phyt's – organic beauty without compromise

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Phyt's cosmetic products offer you and your skin a unique experience. Our specifications exceed the requirements of the Cosmébio label, according to which the products are certified. We mainly offer formulations of 100% natural origin, i.e. without synthetic preservatives and dyes, and mostly vegan.
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Phyt`s Naturo-Esthétique treatments have been developed to combine technical know-how, effectiveness and natural authenticity. Available in single-use ampoules, they guarantee hygiene and maximum purity. Moreover, they are free of parabens and phenoxyetahnol and contain no synthetic preservatives. For face or body, Phyt's efficacy paired with unique, highly skilled massages ensure extreme well-being and results that speak for themselves.

Because you are unique, Phyt's has developed tailor-made treatments to suit the needs of each and every one of you.

facial treatments

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discovery treatments


Purifies and protects normal skin prone to shine.


CHF 140.- (60 Min.)

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eye contour treatment


Diminishes bags and dark circles, relaxes and rehydrates the skin. Phyt'Sublim Eyes cares for the entire eye area thanks to a wealth of active ingredients. Tired eyes appear more awake, the look becomes fresher, wrinkles disappear, the skin around the eyes is protected, strengthened and its youthful radiance is preserved.

​CHF 90.- (40 Min.)

moisturizing treatment.png

moisturizing treatment

Rehydrates and refreshes dehydrated skin. Long-lasting moisture. Hydrating the skin is key to its health, as water is its main component (up to 70%). This keeps it supple, elastic and resilient while ensuring the smooth functioning of cell metabolism.

​CHF 140.- (60 Min.)


purity treatment

For impure skin to bring it into balance. To meet these expectations, Laboratoires PHYT'S have given essential oils a special place in their formulas. They achieve their effectiveness through their complex composition, as they include several hundreds of powerful molecules. Among these active essential oils, some act precisely on the problem of oily skin or zones on the face.

CHF 140.- (60 Min.)



For impure, oily and shiny skin. Normalizes the skin, rebalances it, cleanses it, smoothes the appearance of pores, reduces skin impurities and mattifies the skin.


CHF 150.- (60 Min.)

balance purifying treatment.png

balance purifying treatment

For impure skin with a tendency to combination skin. Normalizes the skin, brings it back into balance, cleanses and reduces skin impurities.


CHF 140.- (60 Min.)

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exceptional global anti aging treatment

PANACÉE - A multi-talent for all age issues
This exceptional cream, the result of years of research, provides the skin with complete anti-ageing care. The skin looks younger, wrinkles are less pronounced, the skin becomes firmer, pores are refined and facial contours are redrawn.

CHF 170.- (60 Min.)

sensitive skin treatment.png

sensitive skin treatment

Soothes, softens, rehydrates and protects even the most sensitive skin. Despite its natural protective function, the skin is exposed to irritants in direct contact and thus becomes more sensitive. Added to this are the natural, changing climatic conditions, which are just as aggressive.

CHF 130.- (45 Min.)

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specific treatment


Soothes dry skin with a tendency to diffuse redness.


CHF 130.- (60 Min.)

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men's treatment

INSTANT RADIANCE – Soin Éclat immédiat Homme

Purifying, balancing, anti-aging and relaxing.


CHF 130.- (60 Min.)

body treatments

Taking care of your skin, moisturizing it, nourishing and protecting it.... so many common habits that are particularly important for your well-being. And what if, with PHYT'S, these rituals could simply become part of your natural daily routine? Let yourself be seduced by ultra-soft, respectful and protective body care that combines hygiene, pleasure and complete naturalness. Laboratoires PHYT'S has developed unique and innovative formulas that target specific areas of the body: Chest, Abdomen, Buttocks, Thighs, Legs. They use plant oils, essential oils, efficient natural active ingredients to achieve the best results in harmony with nature. PHYT'S has exhausted all their strengths to meet your expectations regarding your silhouette. Reconcile with your body!

Contact me. I will be happy to advise you on the various body treatments with PHYT's.

focus on the cause of overweight

Lose weight naturally

Many causes can be responsible for being overweight. Genetics, stress, smoking, menopause - hormones, drug treatments, habits in the diet and many more can promote weight gain.


PHYT's Natural Cosmetics has a slimming program to assist you in your needs. This slimming program helps you to purify and drain your organs and tissues. Let us advise you.

Focus on the cellulite types

With its synergy of specific slimming techniques and professional products that are both natural and effective due to the lipolytic and firming properties of their active ingredients, the Bio-active slimming treatment stimulates slimming and reduces the orange appearance of the skin. This treatment, which is carried out in 10 stages, begins with a detailed body analysis that allows us to personalize the treatment to guarantee a tailored approach that achieves the best possible results. During the personalized body analysis, the morphology type and cellulite type are examined. There are three main morphotypes. These profiles are easy to determine thanks to the location of the fat zones on the body: the gynoid morphologies, the android morphologies and the mixed morphologies. In the case of cellulitis, there are: adipose cellulitis, oedematous cellulitis and fibrous cellulitis.

Through the correct analysis of the morphologies and the types of cellulite, you will be recommended the appropriate cure and treatment. You will receive a customized subscription system with the frequency and number of treatments - a complete slimming program. During the first treatment you will be offered 15 minutes for the appropriate analysis.

focus on firmness

Thanks to the synergy of Phyt`s signature firming and sculpting products, this treatment, combined with muscle building exercises, is a real solution for a reshaped silhouette.

The Bio-Sculpting treatment addresses the firming and toning needs of both men and women.

focus on the circulation

A healthy circulatory system promotes good cell and tissue supply, including the muscles and organs.


Heavy legs can affect the overall circulation. The term "heavy legs" refers to the feeling of weight in the legs that worsens at the end of the day or in hot weather.

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