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be natural

Therapeutic treatments for lipedema, cellulite and for body toning.

Eliminate tissue deposits, reduce fat in a natural way without surgical intervention and without apparative cosmetics.

be natural body shape programm

Beautiful and healthy body lines thanks to the elimination of cellulite and congestion in the connective tissue. The perfect combination of health and aesthetics.  

Every woman wants a beautifully sculpted body where the body contours are balanced, with as little fat deposits and cellulite as possible and the connective tissue is firm. Aesthetically, cellulite can be very disturbing. However, it is very important to tackle cellulite properly in order to eliminate it. Now there are different types of deposits in the connective tissue: Cellulite, adiposity, water and often toxic substances. Over time, cellulite intensifies, becomes more and is often painful.  The blood capillaries become constricted and vascular problems in the legs or possibly oedema can occur. Cellulite, fat and water deposits can cause aesthetic but also physical problems. Nowadays lipolymphoedema or lipoedema is a common problem, often already in young girls.

With the Be Natural Body Shape program you will receive a range of therapies such as lymphatic drainage, connective tissue massage, classical massage, specific massage techniques, vitalization through medical light therapy, packs, wraps, BrainGym exercises, osteopathic decongestion of the organs, kinesiology and color therapy sessions. According to your findings, you will be given specific exercises for stretching and building up the musculature. With appropriate manual therapy, the various systems are brought into flow; in the process, the silhouette improves noticeably. You feel better, more flexible, more dynamic and more beautiful.

Thanks to a treatment program created according to your problem areas and needs, your body systems are kept in flow or brought into flow to visibly improve your silhouette. You feel better, more dynamic and more beautiful, as your firmer, radiant skin and smoother body lines also visibly benefit from the removal of all congestion. The result is more efficiently functioning organs, flowing lymphatic channels and tight skin, making the body more beautiful and aesthetic.

The Be Natural Body Shape program is suitable for people with cellulite, with lipoedema, with increased abdominal volume or with stored fat in the back and is the ideal companion to diet-based detoxification programs. Or it is simply suitable for refining the body contours.

The Be Natural Body Shape program gives you better health and an increased sense of well-being as the body recovers and straightens, thanks to the removal of blockages and congestion in the vascular and lymphatic systems.

Everything flows better. After the treatment you feel stronger and more vital, as well as motivated to keep at it.

treatments that give you health and beauty.

The first session lasts 2 hours. The first 30 minutes are offered to you for the appropriate analysis and a conversation. After the treatment, a treatment program will be created with you, tailored to your needs. From a minimum of 3 sessions, you can take advantage of a subscription system.

First analysis and discussion (30min.) free of charge (discussion via Zoom-Call possible). 20% discount on the first subscription.

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