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We have been receiving treatment from Maria for several years (including at the previous locations). Either as a prophylactic or if something “twitches” again. The approximately 8-10 treatments per year work very well for us with muscular imbalances - back, neck, shoulders and hip areas. We usually book one hour per person - while someone is having the massage, their partner can enjoy the sauna or simply doze on the lounger.

We highly recommend her!

E.A. and A.A.

I have been receiving regular treatment from Maria da Silva for more than 15 years. She has an extraordinary sense of where the body has become imbalanced and can be brought back into order by releasing muscles, fascia, ligaments and tendons. I am a farmer and have osteoarthritis. Regular massage helps me to live a practically pain-free life. I have never found such knowledge among doctors or physiotherapists as Maria da Silva has. She has an enormous anatomical knowledge of the body and its functions.




I regularly get a massage from Ms. Maria da Silva. I suffer from polyneuropathy in the legs and Sjogren's syndrome. However, Ms. Maria da Silva not only loosens up the tense muscles in my legs, but she always involves the whole body and relieves tension and congestion. She is also very familiar with lymphatic drainage, craniosacral approaches and light therapy. You can literally feel your whole body relaxing during the treatment. She works extremely clean and highly concentrated and applies her enormous knowledge to each patient individually. I follow her good tips closely and have had the best experiences with them. She feels exactly “where it burns”.  If you carry out the recommended exercises regularly, you will soon feel a new lightness throughout your body. Ms. Maria da Silva has a calm, pleasant personality, is extremely competent and I like her personality. I can highly recommend them to everyone.

Ms. Da Silva was highly recommended to me. The reception was already very warm and benevolent. I immediately felt understood and my problems were properly taken care of. She dealt with my problems sensitively and chose the appropriate treatment methods. She acted very professionally and committedly to help me as best as possible. I am happy to recommend Ms. Da Silva without any doubts.


Dear Maria

Thank you very much for your sensitive and emphatic manner every time. The conversations and the individual facial treatments tailored to me always feel so good and always bring me a little further in life, both physically and mentally. I always enjoy coming to you and enjoy making the journey from Aarau to Zurich.

I thank you for everything!


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