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proceed on a sensual journey through the body world of sothys.

Immerse yourself in a world that stimulates all the senses and invites you to take a break from everyday life with SOTHYS body care treatments. Our personalized treatments let you discover delicate fragrances and ultra-sensual textures.

aroma care treatment

Massage mediums, scrubs and body wraps can be combined and also personalized with 7 different fragrances, just as you wish.

Choose your preferred fragrance and duration to your aroma treatment. The type of treatment is customizable.

our 100% customizable aroma treatments for him and her

choose your treatment:


Select duration of the massage:
  • 40 Minutes
  • ​50 Minutes
  • ​60 Minutes


Select fragrance world:
  • Lemon & Bitter Orange 
  • Orange Blossom & Cedar Wood 
  • Cinnamon & Ginger 
  • Frangipani & Plum 
  • Yuzu & Grapefruit 
  • Sothys Homme
  • Seasonal fragrance


Select texture:
  • Cream
  • Oil
  • Wax
  • Shea butter


Optionally select peeling:
  • Soft (+30 Min.)
  • Energetic
    (+30 Min.)
Optionally select moisturizing mask:
  • Cocooning effect (+20 Min.)


  • 40 min. massage with the texture and fragrance of your choice: CHF 110.- 

  • 50 min. massage with the texture and fragrance of your choice: CHF 135.- 

  • 60 min. massage with the texture and fragrance of your choice: CHF 165.- 

  • 70 min. massage with the texture and fragrance of your choice & peeling: CHF 190.- 

  • 90 min. massage with the texture and fragrance of your choice & peeling & moisturizing mask: CHF 225.-

Book your personalized treatment now and experience the diverse fragrance worlds of Sothys.

our thematic treatments

discover the culture of a country through
the specific massages.

Screenshot 2023-01-17 173846.png


Fragrance World Cherry Blossom and Lotus

The care ritual is inspired by the Japanese bathing tradition: a full body peeling with natural exfoliating particles, which is removed with a special glove. Thus, it gives the skin a delicate shimmer. It is accentuated with a foot or foot reflexology massage of 20 minutes and a relaxing full body massage with shea butter. A melt-in-the-mouth texture intensively nourishes the skin, providing comfort and well-being.

SENSORY FEATURES: fragrance of cherry blossom and lotus, delicate and powdery envelops your skin with a delicate scent.

CHF 165.- (60 min. + 10 min. relaxation phase)

Screenshot 2023-01-17 174039.png


Fragrance World Amber and Myrrh

An exceptional treatment inspired by the rites of oriental primitive peoples.

An exceptional treatment inspired by the Orient: the preparatory exfoliating syrup exfoliates the skin with our handmade Sothys accessory.
The body massage nourishes the skin and invites you to the purest journey of relaxation.

SENSORY FEATURES Amber and Myrrh Warm ambery notes with a woody base.

CHF 155.- (60 min. + 10 min. relaxation phase)

Screenshot 2023-01-17 173912.png


Fragrance World Sandalwood and Jasmine

The energy balance is restored and body and mind are brought into harmony. This extraordinary treatment combines a holistic body massage with a breathing ritual. You enter a treatment room scented with sandalwood. This scent touches, relaxes and centers.

The massage begins with a relaxing breathing exercise. Then you will receive a soothing or invigorating full body massage, according to your choice. This treatment can also be combined with a full body scrub made from natural ingredients.


Full body massage & energizing breathing ritual: CHF 165.-
Peeling & massage: CHF 250.- (90 min.)

Senssations orintales
Indnesie ancestrale
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