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about kineum

I am Maria and have been a masseuse and therapist for over 30 years. What moved me to combine the SPA with therapy has several reasons: On the one hand, I always found that stress before and after the treatment has a counterproductive effect on the effectiveness of the treatment. On the other hand, it is very relaxing not to have to get up immediately after the treatment or to be able to rest next to it. It is very important to let the therapy work in order to achieve a better success.


Since I started as a therapist, I have worked towards improving the connective tissue and the contours of the body: Body wraps and other natural therapies have been used to target clients' problems. What always amazed me was how these treatments affected the clients' well-being and health. As clients felt better in their bodies, they were happier, which was reflected in their health. Healthy connective tissue is essential for maintaining good health.

Qualified professional masseuse, lymph therapist, kinesiologist, color therapist, foot reflexology therapist

Further training in Visceral Therapy, Functional Nerve Mobilization, Manual Pain Therapy MST


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