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maria da silva - my history

I am Portuguese and grew up in Germany. At the age of 16, I decided to complete a course as a beautician, including massages, alongside school. This is how I discovered my love for teaching the anatomy and physiology of the body. I was fascinated by the changes that became visible in the customers' bodies as a result of the treatments. I loved helping clients and seeing their reactions to the changes in their bodies and minds.


This is why I developed my enthusiasm to constantly learn and better understand the body and its connections. At first I limited myself to gaining anatomical knowledge. I then dealt with the energy system, Chinese philosophy, macrobiotics (attitude and nutrition) and Zen Shiatsu training. ​


During this time I discovered that emotions, thoughts, attitude and form of personality have an effect on the processes of the various body systems. This in turn shapes the human mind (positively, in that it heals the body; negatively, if it is the cause of discomfort or pain). During this chain reaction, I realized that it is possible to control the healing process from outside. So I set myself the goal of deepening my knowledge of these connections, understanding them in their entirety and finding the core of the problem. And this in as few sessions as possible in order to bring the problem to a healing process in a short time. But I realized that not only I, but also the client have a share and responsibility in the success. ​


As a solution-oriented and ambitious person, it was and is particularly important to me to mindfully implement what I have learned and to dedicate myself to my work with passion. In Switzerland I completed my knowledge in courses, through self-study and through practical work. ​


All of this has made me the therapist I am today.

My Kineum Concept

My focus is still on the physical level: pain relief, cosmetic, aesthetic or health concerns, which also makes mental healing and physical harmonization possible.


What I would also like to mention is that my therapy is often considered a classic massage and booked as such. However, it is a complex body therapy in which the client's concerns and the massage, therapy or healing method tailored to them are the main focus. The client's acceptance of the treatment is crucial for success.


Every person is unique and needs therapy in which the client sees healing potential. That is why my massage is not a classic massage, but a body therapy - the Kineum concept .

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