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spa treatments

The use of therapeutic knowledge in wellness treatment increases the quality of the treatment as well as the success. Knowledge and relaxation create regeneration. The products and brands used are based on intensive research and give a good result without stressing the body. The results of the treatment are visible and tangible. Your needs are met with great care.


after workout

Classic massage / Swedish massage to release deep-seated tension. It has a revitalizing effect and at the same time frees you from the stresses of everyday life.

CHF 80.- (30 Min.) | CHF 155.- (60 Min.) | CHF 215.- (90 Min.) 


just release

Relaxing massage specially adapted to your needs for relaxation and regeneration (with warm oil or essential oils if desired).


CHF 120.- (50 Min.) | CHF 150.- (70 Min.)

Massage Salze

oriental touch premium

Body scrub with sandalwood and jasmine - 100% natural peeling particle from organic cane sugar and coconut shells flakes, as well as coconut and sandalwood oil and extract from jasmine flowers. For fragrant, supple and soft skin.

CHF 100.- (40 Min.)


oriental touch deluxe

Body scrub with sandalwood and jasmine und a classic full body massage.


CHF 230.- (90 Min.)


deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage - Subcutaneous tissue is massaged and loosened in a targeted manner. Relieves tension, adhesions and hardening in the connective tissue. Promotes detoxification.

CHF 115.- (40 Min.) | CHF 165.- (60 Min.)

Hot Stone Massage

la stone massage

Massage with hot stones. Relieves tension, decongests the connective tissue and activates the energy fields of the body.


CHF 165.- (60 Min.) | CHF 195.- (75 Min.)



Sports massage: before or after training for performance enhancement, pain relief and regeneration.


CHF 125.- (50 Min.)


feel serenity

Relaxation, revitalization and strengthening of the immune system treatment with special color and light therapy using the medical Bioptron light therapy system. Body therapy to stabilize inner strength.

CHF 175.- (70 Min.)

Öl Massage

the signature vitality treatment

For deep relaxation and regeneration with 100% biological full body peeling | full body massage with vitalizing oil and refreshing or Anti-Aging facial.


CHF 255.- (90 Min.) | CHF 325.- (120 Min.)

aesthetics –
for him and her with sothys

sothys logo.png
sothys face.jpg

facial treatment

Consists of: Cleansing of the skin, peeling, removal of blackheads and mask


CHF 140.- (60 Min.)

sophys anti age_edited.jpg

anti-age (intensive treatment)

Specialized in renewing the skin, treating wrinkles and improving the oval of the face and décolleté to preserve youthfulness.


CHF 180.- (70 Min.)


men's anti-aging facial

Balancing and revitalizing Anti-Aging Treatment


CHF 170.- (70 Min.)



Body wrap after sporting activity or for very tense muscles. For deep relaxation.


CHF 180.- (90 Min.)

464x317_CA_Sothys_0000s_0002_mida 2_tc18

body care & massage

Body scrub with sandalwood and jasmine. Made of 100% natural exfoliating particles of organic cane sugar and flakes of coconut shell. With coconut and sandalwood oil and oil extract from jasmine blossoms. For fragrant, supple and soft skin. Accompanied by a classic full body massage.

CHF 250.- (90 Min.)

phyt's facial care
100% natural bio care products

gesichtspflege phyts.png

face care: aqua phyt's

Rehydrates and refreshes dehydrated skin. For a long-lasting fresh look.


CHF 140.- (60 Min.)

panacée phyt's.png

panacée - anti age treatment

Anti-age treatment: improves wrinkles, lifts, firms, regenerates, moisturises and contours the face.


CHF 170.- (70 Min.)

mens phyt's.jpg

men's facial - instant radiance

Anti-aging, purifying, balancing and relaxing. For all types of men's skin.


CHF 130.- (60 Min.)

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